a laptop

Choosing to pawn your high-end electronics including your laptop can be a great decision. Bringing your laptop to a pawnshop means that you can free up some money. So, if you need cash fast, pawning is a good alternative if you can’t bear to permanently lose your laptop. Also, if you decide to sell your laptop, you’re likely to receive a good value.

How much to expect?

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of resale. Well, it’s highly dependent upon the condition of your laptop. Laptops from top brands often get a higher resale value at a pawnshop if they are sold in good condition. So, you are likely to get more prices for laptops with the latest models and top brands.  

Tips for selling your laptop at a pawnshop for the best value

A lot of people go to pawnshops to sell and buy goods. When it comes to pawning your laptop, you might have some doubts. Don’t worry, here are some tips you should follow before visiting a pawn shop.  

Clean it up before bringing to a pawnshop

Before you bring any of your gadgets for sale to a pawnshop, make sure it looks presentable inside and out. A well maintained and clean laptop is always more valuable. So, make sure you’ve made your laptop free of dirt and debris. You can simply use a damp cloth to do that.

Package it Well

If you still have the original box, instructions, documents, and other accessories of your laptop, prepare them. Having these original accessories show how much you took care of the device. So, make sure you’ve added original accessories before bringing the laptop to a pawn shop.

Remove and clear the personal data

It’s inevitable to have a backup of the important files stored on your laptop so that you can access them. Once you’re done transferring your data, make sure you’ve removed everything on your computer. Before you sell your laptop at a pawnshop, you should protect and recover your passwords, videos, photos, and other data.


Selling your high-end electronics at a pawnshop is simple and fast. When it comes to selling your gadgets like laptops and smartphones, make sure you follow the steps above. This is to ensure that you get a great value for your device. Good luck with your visit!

written by Cyndee Harrison of PawnbrokerNetwork.com